So… what is cooking therapy?

Cooking therapy is about the process of preparing delicious food; from the first chop to the last bite.  It is about feeling the silkiness of the dough as you knead, the scent of herbs wafting through the air while a pot of deliciousness simmers on the stove, the sweet anticipation of tasting something that you created in your own kitchen (and some times it’s hard to wait for that first bite!).  It is about sharing yourself with others through your food creations.  The secret ingredient to any recipe is heart and soul.  You won’t find it listed on any recipe, but if you put love into your dish, I guarantee the end result will taste infinitely better than if you just went through the motions of following a set of instructions.     Cooking therapy is about enjoying the journey, not just the final destination.

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  1. So true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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